Cat Grooming Tips

Attention Cat Exhibitors:

In anticipation of this year’s cat show, the Cat Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent will be providing monthly tips to help you prepare your cat for showing.  These tips are focused on comments received from the judge last year which relate to proper grooming and handling of your cat as well as basic knowledge concerning the health and care of your pet.  It is important that all exhibitors adequately prepare their cat for showing which includes good grooming as well as having knowledge of feeding habits and daily care of the cat including any chores you are responsible for as it relates to care of your cat and parasite prevention. 

Cat Grooming Tips for April:

Ears - Cleanliness is important to the health of your cat’s ears and to protect their hearing.  A cotton ball should be used to clean the ear.  Moisten the cotton ball with baby oil and wipe out the visible part of the ear.  If you notice any dark, crusty wax or debris in your cat’s ear or a bad smell, call you veterinarian as your cat may have ear mites. 

Brushing your cat’s hair – All cats should arrive at the show with clean coats and well groomed fur.  Long- haired cats require more frequent brushing than long haired cats.  It is recommended that long-haired cats be groomed for at least 15 minutes everyday.  This helps to prevent tangling and mating.  Mats are most often found behind the ears, under the legs and on the belly.  They are a hiding place for fleas and a breeding area for infections.   Short-haired cats should be groomed weekly.   To maximize brushing of your cat first use a bristle brush or rubber brush to loosen dead hair and debris from your cat’s coat.  Then use a fine tooth comb for short-haired cats or wide tooth comb for long-haired cats to remove tangles from the coat.  A chamois or rough wash cloth can be used to give shine to the coat of short-haired cats.  Not only does good grooming help prepare your cat for the show, it also reduces the amount of hairballs produced by your cat.  Hairballs are produced from the dead hair cats swallow when they lick their fur.  This fur collects in the stomach and forms the hairball.

We hope these tips are helpful.  Stay tuned for next month’s tips which will provide additional grooming techniques as well as pointers for handling your cat.

Cat Grooming Tips for May:  

Eyes- Keeping your cat’s eyes clean and free of debris is an important part of your cat’s appearance.  To clean your cat’s eyes you should moisten a cotton ball with warm water and gently remove any debris from the corner of your cat’s eye.

Nose – You can clean your cat’s nose by moistening a cotton ball with warm water and gently removing any debris from your cat’s nose. 

Brushing your cat’s teeth – Use pet toothpaste and a small soft child or pet toothbrush to clean your cat’s teeth.  Never use human toothpaste on pets.
In preparation for the cat show you should practice the above grooming techniques routinely.  By doing this you will not only improve your cats appearance but you will also help to build a good relationship with your pet.  You should be prepared to discuss with the judge how you groom your pet and how often.  

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