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An adventure-based education is the perfect fit for corporate clients. The workplace is a competitive environment and the most important skills are those which people can't learn from a book. Company's often need problem-solvers, networkers, leaders and big-picture thinkers more than they need a plaque on the wall. The marketplace requires flexibility, adaptation to change, and performance under pressure. Our programs offer people not only an opportunity to have fun working together, but how to be a great teammate.
Corporate Low Challenge Course
The low course invites teams to work together to solve problems, communicate and to develop trust with one another to accomplish a task. The challenges are a mixture of mental and physical tasks that lead to success! Groups learn to develop team strategies capitalizing on their work styles, strengths and overall goals.
Corporate High Challenge Course
This adventure challenges you to take a risk and step outside of your comfort zone 40 feet above ground. Set among telephone poles, participants navigate up and across climbing walls, nets, cables, logs, and swinging platforms while being safely belayed by our professionally trained staff. . Climbers can take a step off of our Zip Platform and glide through 200 feet of tree tops. Participants must complete the low challenge course prior to advancing to the high course.



Portable Challenge
Let us bring the Adventure to you! Our portable challenge program can be implemented on site at your workplace, conference room, gymnasium, parks, or any open space. It includes many of the games and initiative we do on the low course.
Portable Challenge Training
Interested in new ways to teach teamwork, communication, and problem-solving to youth and adults in any setting? You’ll receive 20 hours of training, a 4-H Challenge notebook, access to ALC and 4-H portable challenge kits in Polk County for 1 year, and experience facilitating 4-H Challenge to take home to groups and organizations in your community. Please note that you need to attend the entire training in order to be certified to use the Portable Challenge equipment.

Please click the buttons below and complete the following forms BEFORE arriving at the Adventure Learning Center. Those organizing the program, will need to complete both the Group Coordinator forms and a Participant form. Anyone attending the course will need to complete a Participant form.

If you have questions, or want us to design a custom program for your group please contact us.



The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the County Extension Program.

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