County 4-H News

September 30, 2016

Rainy periods like this fall test the integrity of ponds and there isn’t much you can do solve problems in the middle of a downpour. The best course of action is proper construction.

September 29, 2016

The ISU Extension and Outreach Pocahontas County Office will serve refreshments during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)  Monday October 3 through Friday October 7 in celebration of National 4-H Week. 

September 29, 2016

To encourage visits to farms, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has relaunched its Visit Iowa Farms website at www.visitiowafarms.org . The website serves as a database of farms across the state willing to host visitors.

September 29, 2016

Geraniums are beautiful plants which add color and vibrant detail to any landscape. However, they are ill-equipped to survive harsh winter conditions. There is a solution: Geraniums can be taken indoors and overwintered, then replanted in the spring.

September 28, 2016

Youth in 2nd and 3rd grade have the opportunity to attend a one time a month afterschool program October through April. 

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