About ISU Extension and Outreach: Pocahontas County

 When you need to make decisions that affect your family, home, community, business, or farm, ask  ISU/Pocahontas County Extension and Outreach.  You can rely on ISU Extension and Outreach for unbiased, research-based information an education to help you make better decisions today and tomorrow.

In 1903 a group of Iowa farmers cooperated with Iowa State to establish the "extension idea" - taking the land-grant college to the people.  Today Iowa State University Extension looks forward to being part of a better future for all Iowans in the next 100 years.  The 2014 Pocahontas County Extension and Outreach Stakeholders Report shares a few examples of ISU Extension at work in Pocahontas County.

Other ways Pocahontas County Extension and Outreach Helped Iowans to Become Their Best:
  • 4-H programs reached 60% of Pocahontas youth through school enrichment programs and 4-H Clubs.
  • School Enrichment, such as Healthy Eating, GPS and Pork Quality Assurance, was offered to Pocahontas County youth.
  • Barn Quilts of Pocahontas County has 42 barn quilts displayed throughout the county, including the pattern "County Fair" on the Pocahontas County Fairgrounds. Over 35 volunteers work with the planning, construction, painting and marketing.   



Front row L-R: Anita Fischer, Tonia Kakacek, Jean Trimble, Mitch Aden
Back row L-R:  Lynn Wenell, Peter Seehusen, Julie Wurr, Judy Krips, Larry Movall          


Extension Council members are elected by the voters of Pocahontas County to serve four year terms. They oversee the planning, preparation, marketing, and delivery of the extension educational program in the county. Every county in Iowa has an extension council. Extension Councils provide, through a unique partnership with Iowa State University and federal and state organizations, research-based, unbiased information and educational programs that positively impact the county citizens and communities in Pocahontas County. Pocahontas County Impact Statement.

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