Take Me To The Farm

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach announces “Take me to the Farm” video series
Northwest Iowa- Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach is pleased to announce a new video series titled “Take me to the Farm” coming January 2014. The videos feature stories of Iowa farmers who give consumers a behind the scenes look at how and why they raise many of your favorite food products like beef, pork and dairy. The videos offer how Iowa farmers protect the land and some of Iowa’s most valuable resources making it suitable for raising food.
“Research shows people have many questions about agriculture and our food systems. More specifically, they want to know how their food is raised and where their food comes from. We hope this video series will help them better understand how their food gets from the farm to their dinner tables,” explains Kaye Strohbehn, agriculture producer and consumer education specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach.
Also coming soon: “Take me to the Farm” blog hosted by ISU Extension and Outreach to be released in January! Here the public is invited to view and post comments about the videos. Stay tuned!
For information on purchasing a DVD copy of the “Take me to the Farm” video series, contact Strohbehn at 712-737-4230 or kestroh@iastate.edu.
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