Defined STEM

Defined STEM, one of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Hub Grant programs, allows you to combine online learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with 4-H project learning.  The three Defined STEM categories highlighted at this year’s fair are: Wind Energy Business, Engineering Space Robots, and Restaurant Owner – The Clover Bistro. 
More information on Defined STEM can be found by following the links below.
Fair Rules - see page 38 of the 2014 Plymouth County Fair Book
Defined STEM website
Please note:  Due to the funding of the Governor’s STEM Hub grant programs, access to the actual Defined STEM website may be shut down at the end of the June.  You can still complete a fair exhibit without the website.  The website gives you access to videos and sample exhibits, along with the rules and rubrics. (
Wind Energy Business
            Class Description
            Wind Energy Brochure Rubric
            Wind Energy Map Rubric
            Wind Energy Model Rubric
            Wind Energy Multimedia Presentation Rubric
Engineering Space Robots
            Class Description 
            Illustrated Story Rubric
            Robot Model Rubric
            Robots Multimedia Presentation Rubric
Restaurant Owner: The Clover Bistro
            Class Description 
            Design of the Clover Bistro Rubric
            Podcast for the Clover Bistro Rubric
            Program for the Clover Bistro Rubric
            Proposed Menu for the Clover Bistro Rubric
            Sales Pitch/Unveiling for the Clover Bistro Rubric
For assistance with the Defined STEM Fair Class, please contact your local county office or e-mail Brenda Welch,

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