2007-2011 ISU Extension Plan of Work -- 130 Horticulture: Commercial and Consumer

Statement of Issues:

The horticulture planned program joins commercial and consumer horticulture extension programs to provide accurate, research-based information for audiences in rural and urban settings in Iowa. The ISU Horticulture Extension staff in this area has the knowledge, abilities, and network to disseminate this information to our clients. The primary emphasis of this joint programming effort is to increase the strength of the horticulture industry in Iowa by 1) increasing the production and profitability horticulture related businesses, 2) increasing the quantity and quality of horticulture information disseminated, and 3) increasing community involvement.

Performance Goals:

Output Indicators (Activities):

Outcome Indicators (Impact):

131 – Production methods and systems:  Increase the number of clients who participate in horticulture programs on production methods, market outlets, Best Management Practices, and IPM techniques.

132 – Market development:  Increase the number of new horticulture businesses and the expansion of existing horticulture businesses assisted through county offices.

133 – Integrated Pest Management:  Increase the strength of farmers markets in Iowa by cooperating with IDALS and WIC programs. (Measure number of ISU staff hours for Master Market training of vendors and working at farmer’s markets.)  

134 – Consumer education: Increase the quality and quantity of horticulture information accessible to the gardening public. (Measure number of peer-reviewed extension publications.)

135 – Master Gardener education:  Increase involvement of Master Gardener volunteers in their communities. (Measure the number of volunteer hours per year.) 

Target Audiences:

Turfgrass and grounds management firms
Fruit and vegetable and alternative crop producers, sellers and processors
Growers and sellers of landscape products and services
Students considering horticulture as a career
Homeowners and garden enthusiasts in Iowa

Team Point of Contact:

Cynthia Haynes, Associate Professor





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