2007-2011 ISU Extension Plan of Work -- 120 Farm and Business Management

Statement of Issues:

The Farm and Business Management team proposes to extend information and build skills of farm operators, farm families, related agribusiness managers and agricultural educators. Four areas of knowledge will be emphasized: farm profitability and financial management; legal and business planning; economics of environmental management; new business development.

Performance Goals:

Output Indicators (Activities):

Outcome Indicators (Impact):

121 – Risk management education (a) Farm or (b) Industry:  Number of crop and livestock producers who choose marketing, insurance and USDA program alternatives that are consistent with the risk bearing ability of their businesses and their personal preferences for managing risk.

122 - Women decision-makers and leaders:  Number of female farmers and farm partners who take a more active role in decision making for their businesses.

123 - Financing agriculture:  Number of agricultural lenders who finance the acquisition of new resources or implementation of new technology for their borrowers while maintaining liquidity and controlling financial risks.

124 - Next generation of agriculturists:  Number of beginning farmers who objectively measure the likelihood of meeting their individual and family goals through entering a farm business.

125 - Farm income tax education:  Number of income tax practitioners that increase the accuracy and efficiency of the farm returns that they prepare.

126 - Farm Bill education:  Number of producers and landowners who make choices among CRP, CSP and commodity payment programs consistent with their goals of increasing profits and protecting agricultural resources.

127 - Alternative enterprises or value retained:  Number of producers and other entrepreneurs who increase their awareness of alternative enterprises or value retained opportunities by either attending an educational program or downloading educational materials from a website.

Target Audiences:

Grain, livestock and dairy producers
Agribusiness professionals
Agricultural lenders
Farm employees
Female farmers and farm partners
On-farm and off-farm heirs
Beginning farmers
Tax practitioners
Farm families
State agencies and NGOs

Team Point of Contact:

William Edwards, Professor





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