2007-2011 ISU Extension Plan of Work -- 110 Dairy Team

Statement of Issues:

Growth and development of Iowa’s dairy industry provides significant program opportunities. Programs and projects related to dairy business development will enable the industry to remain a viable player in the national milk market. Moreover, program will focus on modernizing dairy facilities, integrated herd and health management, human resource management, and environmental and energy resource stewardship. These complex issues will be addressed by the ISU Extension Dairy Team with rural economic and social development as the intended outcomes.

Performance Goals:

Output Indicators (Activities):

Outcome Indicators (Impact):

111 - Production systems and practices:  Number of new dairy farms established; number of existing farms remodeled or expanded; number of transitioned/transferred farms; quantify economic impact made by these changes.

112 - Integrated herd and health management:  Number of dairy producers who adopt more competitive dairy production systems and practices.

113 - Enhancing interpersonal and organizational skills:  Number of producers who will increase the awareness and use of interpersonal and organizational skills when managing family or non-family personnel.

114 - Dairy farm environmental management:  Number of Iowa producers who adopt integrated dairy herd and health management practices that result in improved profitability, enhanced food quality and safety, and improved environmental stewardship.

115 - Manure Nutrient Management:  Number of producers increasing the efficiency of manure and crop nutrient utilization while minimizing surface run-off and preserving ground water and air quality. 

116 – Energy efficiency and conservation:  Number of energy efficient or conserving practices/technologies established.

Target Audiences:

Dairy producers
Beginning farmers
Agricultural lenders
Dairy nutritionists
Other agri-business personnel
Builders and contractors
Dairy veterinarians
Economic development partners

Team Points of Contract:

Larry Tranel, Field Specialist-Dairy
Chris Mondak, Field Specialist-Dairy





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