Bryan Whaley

Region 2 Director


Julie Naig

County Youth Coordinator

Youth, 4-H Program, School Enrichment, and Clover Kids

Jody Leuer

Office Assistant

Accounting, Office Management, Public Relations and Team Work

Angie Strohman

Program Coordinator

Lisa Berkland

NorthWest Youth Field Specialist

4-H Community clubs, leadership development, character building, and enchancement of teamwork in youth and adult volunteers.

Lori Hayungs

Family Life Program Specialist

Lori works to promote healthy people,healthy economics and healthy environments. She provides research-based information and education to help families make decisions that improve and transform their lives. She can speak on topics including early childhood care and education, community teamwork leadership and partnerships, parenting education and temperament research education.

Jane Goeken

Communities Field Specialist

Grant Writing and Project Development, Strategic Planning and Visioning, Facilitation, Survey and Needs Assessment Development, Town Meetings, Providing Training for Local Officials.

Paul Kassel

Crop Field Specialist

Crop Production and Protection including--Soils, soil management and soil survey. -Soil Fertility and fertilizer use -Weed, insect, disease, and nematode management -Tillage methods -Crop management database -Crop management -Forage management

Katie Knobbe

Family Nutrition and Health Specialist

Food Safety, Nutitrion throughout the Lifecycle,Consumer Food Management, Women's Health Issues, Nutrition and the Teen Athlete, Sun Exposure and Cancer Risk, Dining with Diabetes

Kris Kohl

Agricultural Engineering Field Specialist

Livestock Facilities, building materials, and construction ventilation systems, manure management systems, soil erosion and crop residue management, soil and water conservation, ground water quality, well construction and maintenance, farm machinery, environmental regulations, energy conservation and farm safety.

Jan Monahan

Family Resource Management Field Specialist

Jan's area of expertise is Family Resource Management. She is housed in the Clay County Office in Spencer Iowa and is always available for your family or financial needs.

Chris Mondrak

Dairy Field Specialist

Dairy Herd Health, Dairy Production & Management, Records Management & Analysis, Development & Implementation of on-going dairy education progams.

Melissa O'Rourke

Farm Management Program Specialist
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