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HDFS 463, SPRING 1997 

In the section that follows there are two group projects completed by students in HDFS 463, Spring 1997. Group 1 was composed of 8 students; they examined the communities of Panora and Guthrie Center, Guthrie County, Iowa. Group 2 was composed of 6 students; they examined the communities of Bayard and Guthrie Center, Guthrie County, Iowa. 

Each group project was required to include (a) the results of a windshield survey conducted during the first site visit to Guthrie County; (b) a sociodemographic profile of the communities; (c) a section on housing choices and options available to older people; and (d) a set of remodeling strategies for a specific elderly resident of Guthrie County. While the group reports each have these sections, there are differences between the two final projects because individual students, and groups of students, tend to tackle a project in different ways. 

The two group projects appear herein as the students prepared them; neither grammatical nor substantive changes have been made to them; only a final spell check was completed on each of the two reports. Evaluation and critique of the group reports occurred in two ways; (1) students were required to draft sections of the report prior to the final due date. These earlier drafts were critiqued by the instructor and returned to the students. (2) the final project, herein documented, was also evaluated. As you read the reports, text that is BOLD, ITALICIZED AND IN CAPITAL LETTERS represents the instructor's comments on the final reports. 

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