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Group 2 Team Members

Davina Brown
Maggie Holmes
Autumn Hunter
Ting-May Liao
Kenneth Okereke
Jennifer Swenson

Table of Contents (Group 2)

Housing Needs of the Elderly in Bayard and Guthrie Center, Guthrie County

List of Figures

Figure 2.1. Trend of population change for two age cohorts, Bayard.
Figure 2.2. Comparison of Male and Female Population from 1980-90, Bayard.
Figure 2.3. Population changes for the City of Bayard between 1980 and 1990.
Figure 2.4. Trend of population change for two age cohorts, Guthrie Center.
Figure 2.5. Comparison of Male and Female Population, 1980-90, Guthrie Center.
Figure 2.6. Population changes, Guthrie Center
Figure 2.7. Trend shows decline in owner occupied units, Guthrie Center
Figure 2.8. Median value change, 1980-1990, Guthrie Center

List of Tables

Table 2.1. Population characteristics of the city of Bayard
Table 2.2. Housing Characteristics of Bayard
Table 2.3. Population characteristics, Guthrie Center
Table 2.4. Housing Characteristics, Guthrie Center
Table 3.1. Least Cost Alternative Strategy
Table 3.2. Medium Cost Alternative Strategy
Table 3.3. Highest Cost Alternative Strategy
Chapter 1. Introduction
Objective of the Project
Windshield Survey Summary
Chapter 2. Sociodemographic Description of Cities
Guthrie Center
Chapter 3. Remodeling Strategies for Leona
Video Excerpts
Chapter 4. Resources
Available Housing Resources
Telephone Directory



Appendix A. Windshield Survey Check List
Appendix B. Guthrie County Group Meeting Note
Appendix C. Iowa Profiles - Iowa Map
Appendix D. Iowa Profiles - Guthrie County Map

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