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Elderly Housing Options & Preferences 

Housing, Aging, and Disability Statistics
Census Brief: Disabilities Affect One-Fifth of All Americans. Bureau of the Census
Demographic Data on Aging. National Institute on Aging
Disability. U.S. Census Bureau
Disability Statistics Center. University of California, San Francisco
Housing Characteristics of Older Households: 1995. AARP
Nonmetro Elders Better Off than Metro Elders on Some Measures, Not on Others. Economic Research Service, USDA (.pdf format)
Population and Housing Patterns Among Older Americans. National Aging Information Center
Statistical Information on Older Persons. Administration on Aging
Housing Options
Decisions About Retirement Living. Administration on Aging
Disability Housing. National Low Income Housing Coalition
Elderly Housing. National Low Income Housing Coalition
Homesharing. AARP
Homestead Cooperatives. Homestead Housing Center
Housing and Living Arrangements Sites. AARP
Housing Options for Older Americans. Administration on Aging
Living Arrangements, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities. Administration on Aging
Senior Citizens. HUD
People with Disabilities. HUD
What Housing Options Do You Have? AARP
Housing Preferences
Guthrie County Focus Groups:
Audio Excerpts, Guthrie County Focus Groups.
Bayard Senior Center (Transcript)
Guthrie Center Senior Center (Transcript)
Aging In Place
Aging In Place. Senior Resource
Bathing for Older People with Disabilities. Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access, SUNY at Buffalo
Bathroom Modifications for Your Changing Needs. American Occupational Therapy Association
The Caring Home Booklet: Environmental Coping Strategies for Alzheimer's Caregivers. University of Southern California
Desire to Age-in-place. Guthrie Center, Iowa (QuickTime mov, 128 KB)
The Do-Able Renewable Home. AARP
Enabling Home Environments: Identifying Barriers to Independence. Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access, SUNY at Buffalo
Enabling Home Environments: Strategies for Aging in Place. Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access, SUNY at Buffalo
Get Connected! AARP Connections for Independent Living. AARP
Home Modification Action Project, Promoting Successful Aging in Place. University of Southern California
Home Modification Independent Living Kit. AARP
Homes That Help: Advice from Caregivers for Creating a Supportive Home. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Housing Highlights: Home Modification and Repair. National Policy and Resource Center on Housing and Long Term Care
Independent Living: Do Older Parents and Adult Children See It The Same Way? AARP

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