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Bathroom Display #2 

The second bathroom display features a lavatory that can be easily raised, lowered, and moved horizontally to accommodate persons of different heights and reaching abilities. The lavatory, a shower chair, and grab bars on each side of the toilet are mounted on an innovative wall-track system that allows both horizontal and vertical adjustments.  

The bathroom is designed to be especially convenient for persons who use wheelchairs. The large shower area allows roll-in access to take a shower while seated in a waterproof wheelchair, thus eliminating the need to transfer to and from a bath seat.  

The overall size of the display covers a 7 x 7 floor area. The display is built of modular components, easy for three people to carry and set up, with no section larger than 4 feet wide by 7 feet tall. All components will fit in a large van. The display requires two electrical outlets, but no water hookups. The display would be ideal for a homeshow exhibit and can be used alone, or as a companion to Bathroom Display #1 

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