Bathroom Display #1

The display features innovative design to promote "aging in place." The display has four components: (1) accessible lavatory with electronic faucet; (2) toilet with two styles of grab bars, including the European-design, swing-up style and an electronic toilet seat lifter; (3) 3 x 3 shower compartment (called a transfer shower) with lift-off shower seat; and (4) soft bath tub that is cushioned to prevent injury from falls with built-in transfer seat at end.

The overall display will fit in an 11 x 12 space. The modular components easily come apart and can be hauled in two cargo vans. The largest wall sections are 4 feet by 7 feet and can be carried by two people through standard doors. The display needs water and electrical connections to make it fully operational. The water hoses and electrical cords are provided.

The display encourages interaction and involvement and would be a great attraction to gain visibility for Extension at a home show, senior center, or other community event. The entire display can be easily set up and taken down for one-day events.

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