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Living/Sleeping Area Gadget Kit Contents
Gadget Source Information

Cards, super jumbo numbers
These bridge-size plastic coated playing cards with Braille were designed for persons with impaired vision. The 1" high bold numbers and designs are in black or red on a white background.
$5 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Card holder
The wood playing card holder allows individuals with limited grasping ability, or one hand to enjoy card games.
$12 Adaptability

Clock, talking alarm
Talking clock tells you the time at preset times or the push of a button. Helpful for people with visual impairment.
$25 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Dressing aid, rubber handle button hook
The button loop is a handy dressing aid for those with one hand or limited finger dexterity. It provides a quick and easy button fastening for shirts, blouses, and other garments. The button loop dressing aid has a built up handle and a hook at the end which can be used to catch zipper tab to open or close zippers on clothing, luggage, etc.
$7 Sammons Preston

Dressing aid, shoe horn, extra long
Dressing aid for people with limited reaching and bending capabilities. Small notch helps in removing socks.
$15 Sears HHC

Dressing aid, sock aid
This is a valuable dressing aid for any who have trouble bending their legs or bending at the waist. The nylon lining reduces friction as the aid is pulled up and the terry cloth on the outside holds the sock firmly until the sock is on the foot.
$11 Sammons Preston

Folding reacher
A multi-use "reacher" is handy to help in taking down lightweight items from upper shelves or in picking up dropped items. This 26" reacher folds down to 15.5".
$11 Sammons Preston

Game, tic-tac-toe
Large, easy to grasp shapes on a pegboard version of tic-tac-toe. Pegboard pieces have different shapes to distinguish between "X" and "O."
$4 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Gripper grips
Gripper grips slide onto pens and pencils to provide a cushion and easy grip. Package contains 25 grips.
$5 Adaptability

Hi lighter with comfort grip
Hi lighter has a larger rubber grip for comfort.
$2 Office supply

Holder for playing cards
This easy to assemble playing card holder helps people with grasping difficulties to enjoy their favorite card games. Two clear plastic troughs fit into a wooden non slip base. Holds 18 or more cards.
$13 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Lamp converter , touch on
Eliminate the need to reach for difficult-to-turn switches on lamps by converting metal base lamps into one that can be turned on or off simply by touching any metal surface of the lamp. Converter screws into existing lamps. Will not fit all lamps and lamp frames.
$20 Hardware stores

Large key calculator
The large keys are easy to see and press. The calculator is solar powered.
$23 Adaptability

Lever handles for door knobs
The lever handles can be installed without removing, replacing or modifying conventional knobs. The lever handle makes opening and closing doors easier. These particular handles glow in the dark. This makes any standard door knob visible at night for children or adults.
$10 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Lift cushion (Pneumatic)
Portable lift cushion can be used on a variety of chairs for people experiencing difficulty bending knees getting from sitting to standing position. Size of lift can vary according to weight of person. Use only on chairs with arms.
$150 Up-lift, Inc.

Light/appliance control, sound activated
With a clap of your hands or hitting an object on a hard surface, appliances and lamps can be turned off and on. An adapter plugs into the wall, the appliance plugs into the adapter.
$20 Hardware stores

Liquid paper correction pen
Correction fluid in a pen form for easy application and better control
$3 Office supply

Locator dots
Loc-dots are reference points that are easily installed, and will attune your fingers to a complex computer keyboard. Everyday objects can be referenced with these raised dots such as tape recorders, dashboard, numbers on clocks, knobs and buttons and typewriters.
$4 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Magnifier, adjustable
Magnifier with adjustable cord allows for "free hands" while in use. Lightweight, allowing convenience for use while doing crafts, sewing or other activities.
$7 Department Stores

Magnifying glass, lighted for reading
For help in reading fine print, a hand-held magnifying glass with a built in light can be kept in a convenient spot.
$16 Dept. Stores, Sammons Preston

Needle threader
The needle threader makes needles easy to thread for everyone.
$4 Adaptability

Pill alert
The Pill Alert box has a digital alarm clock which can be set to remind you it is time to take your medicine.
$10 Sears HHC

Pill cap opener
Helps open all styles of small over-the-counter and prescription pill bottles with caps just under 2" in diameter.
$5 Sammons Preston

Reacher aids 22-24", folds to 12 1/2"
A multi-use "reacher" is handy to help in taking down lightweight items from upper shelves or in picking up dropped items. This reacher aid folds in half for easy traveling or storage.
$17 Maddak

Scissors, Fiskars
Scissors are easy to grasp and use. Large loops allow use of whole hand to operate.
$12 Department Stores

Smoke-Fire Detector
Install smoke detectors throughout your home, particularly in or near your bedroom. Most home fire fatalities occur between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when people are most likely to be asleep. Battery can be tested with flashlight.
$14 Hardware stores

Telephone, giant push buttons w/ hearing amplifier
Giant buttons are easy to see and use. Receiver has a built in amplifier with adjustable hearing control. Numbers can be programmed to dial at the push of one button. Light on phone flashes when phone rings. Good for use with limited hearing, low vision, and limited finger movement.
$100 LS&S Group, Inc.

Telephone alert
When the phone and lamp are plugged into the telephone ring alerter, the lamp light will flash with each ring of the phone, alerting you that there is a call. Since the lamp will flash whether it is on or off, a convenient on/off switch is built into the alerter.
$31 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Television remote, large button
Allows control of television without getting out of your chair. Buttons are easily differentiated by shape and the large size makes them easy to press.
$15 Department stores

Writing guide, check
A sturdy plastic mask with apertures corresponding to a standard check.
$2 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Writing guide, envelope
A sturdy plastic mask with apertures corresponding to standard "address to" and "address from" areas.
$2 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Gadget Source Information

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