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Kitchen Gadget Kit Contents
Gadget Source Information

Bread slice holder, portable
Portable board with non-skid bottom surface and L-shaped raised edge on top surface holds a slice of bread in the corner so someone can spread butter or cut sandwich easily.
$12 Maddak Inc.

Can Opener, Cordless, Black & Decker
This fully automatic can opener can be operated with only one hand. It is rechargeable and can be mounted to wall or under counter.
$30 Department Stores

Cup, large handle
Cups and glasses with large handles may be easier to use for a person with arthritis or an unsteady hand to grasp.
$4 Department stores

Dycem, pad 8" diameter
Dycem will keep plates or bowls from slipping. Especially good for mixing bowls. Good for use with one hand.
$7 Sammons Preston, Inc.

Flatware, built up handle utensils
Large handles and movable grip rings are easier for a person with arthritis, poor coordination, or limited grasping power to use.
$5 Sammons Preston

Flatware, knife (Rocking T)
The mechanical advantage of this knife is that the pressure is applied from directly above the object to be cut, so less strength and dexterity are needed by the user. Meat and other foods do not shift or move around on the plate. Good for use with one hand.
$15 Sammons Preston

Foam tubing
Tubing can be put around tool and utensil handles for easier grasping and holding. It is slip and water resistant. Six 12" tubes of varying inner diameter can be cut to any length.
$9 Sammons Preston

Jar lid opener, Capscrew, bell shaped
A jar and bottle opener that attaches to the bottom of an overhead cabinet will make screw top lids easier to open. "Tacky" surface. Good for opening jar with one hand.
$14 Maddak

Jar opener, Dycem
Nonslip plastic dome facilitates removal of jar and bottle lids.
$5 Sammons Preston

Knob turner
An inexpensive alternative to replacing small hard to grasp handles, these Uni-turner knobs can be clamped onto different shapes, converting them into lever handles.
$15 Sammons Preston

Liquid level indicator
The device was designed for the blind and deaf-blind to readily determine when a glass, cup or other container of either hot or cold liquid is filled within 1/2 inch of the top. The indicator is hung over the lip of the container with two prongs on the inside and the battery outside. The liquid is then poured and when the liquid reaches the prongs the buzzer will sound and the unit will gently vibrate.
$12 Maxiaids

Marking tape, safety
Illuminating tape can be cut to mark light switches, stairs, doorknobs, etc. For outdoor use, cover the tape with a clear plastic.
$11 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Measuring cups
The measuring cups have large, easy to grasp handles and large, color coded numbers written on the handles.
$5 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Measuring spoons
The measuring spoons have large, easy to grasp handles and large, color coded numbers written on the handles.
$3 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Milk carton holder
Plastic handle slips over a half gallon milk carton to allow for an easier grip to pour milk.
$5 Easy Street

Peeler, swivel
The vegetable peeler has a large, round, non-slip handle that nestles comfortably in the palm of your hand.
$6 Department stores

Plate, inner lip
Plate has built up edge all around for ease in removing food from the plate. Allows the user to place food onto a fork or spoon by sliding up against the inner lip. Good for poor coordination or use with one hand.
$4 Independent Living Aids

Reacher, rubber grip 30"
A multi-use "reacher" is handy to help in taking down lightweight items from upper shelves or in picking up dropped items. The suction cup ends provide a solid grip. This has a lock-in-place feature.
$25 Sammons Preston

Tab grabber opener
Easy to grip opener opens all tab-top cans and removes twist off caps.
$2 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Timer, big and bold
8" across and extra easy to read. Bold black numerals on a white background make it easy to read from distances. Large knob to set time. Use for cooking, exercising or any activity you want to time. Can be used on a counter or wall mounted.
$13 Independent Living Aids, Inc.

Gadget Source Information

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Iowa AgrAbility
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Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50014

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