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Bathroom Gadget Kit Contents
Gadget Source Information

Back Scrubber
The 22" long brush extends the arms length to reduce reaching and stretching motions. The brush is angled and swivels,
$10 Sears HHC

Bath brush, curved
Designed for people with limited ability to lift arm and shoulder. Brush is curved so that it fits over shoulder to reach the middle of the back.
$35 Sammons Preston

Bath safety treads, 8" x 18" strips
Reduce the danger of slips and falls in the bathtub or shower by putting safety treads on the bottom of the tub or shower.
$7 Maddak

Comb, long handle
20" shaft with plastic coated grip allows people with limited arm and wrist movement to comb their hair.
$24 Sammons Preston

Grab bars, 3-level zig-zag
Grab bars can be installed in the shower or tub to provide support while standing or when getting into and out of the tub or shower. Be sure that you securely mount the grab bars into studs or walls backed with woodblocking for additional safety. Zigzag bars help keep wet hands from slipping and provide various gripping heights for children and adults.
$18 Maddak

Hairbrush, easy pull
Brush with handstrap to aid those with limited gripping ability.
$10 Sammons Preston

Laundry bag, mesh, zipper
Small laundry items can be combined in one bag. There is less reaching and easier transfer from washer to dryer.
$3 Department Stores

Mirror w/ stand
Mirror can be set on counter for easy viewing from seated position, or hung. Mirror pivots easily to magnified side. Mirror has a plastic frame and wire frame base.
$4 Sammons Preston

Reacher, Pik Stik with suction cups
A multi-use "reacher" is handy to help in taking down lightweight items from upper shelves or in picking up dropped items. The suction cup ends provide a solid grip.
$21 Sears HHC

Scrub Brush
Brush holds securely to surface. Ideal for one handed use in bath or kitchen.
$4 Sammons Preston, Inc.

Sock clips
6 pairs of clips marked by color and raised dots, help keep matching clothes grouped together in the wash or in the closet. These clips make it easier to select matching clothes for people with low vision or color blindness.
$6 Sammons Preston

Toilet paper dispenser
Easy to use toilet tissue holder allows changing of rolls with one hand.
$5 Department Stores

Wash mit, terry cloth/mesh
Use with liquid/bar soap for cleansing. Good for shower, bath, or for washing dishes. Elastic at wrist assures a snug fit. Mitt can be turned inside out for use with other hand.
$5 Sammons Preston

Gadget Source Information

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Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50014

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