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"Gadget" Kits of Assistive Devices

The Gadget Kits have been created as an educational tool to show examples of assistive devices that aid individuals with physical disabilities in the completion of everyday activities. The gadgets in the kits are items that are commonly used in the home which have been adapted for easier use by individuals who have arthritis, limited strength or flexibility, or who are blind or deaf .

Many of the devices are marketed for non-disabled users because they reduce strain and make tasks easier for everyone. Pass the gadgets around your group and if possible, try them out. When looking at each gadget, ask:

  • how is the gadget used,
  • how does it create a solution or simplify a task,
  • who would the gadget's use benefit? (When answering this question don't forget children, and those with temporary disabilities such as a bad back, pregnancy, or a broken bone.)

Try to think of as many uses for the gadget as you can.

Consider daily activities that are difficult for you or a friend. Can you think of your own gadget to make the task easier? You may be on to something.

Gadget Kits Contents

Bathroom Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

Living Room Gadgets

Universal Design Kit - Description and Contents

To reserve kits or for more information contact...

Iowa AgrAbility
1094 LeBaron Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50014

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