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Betty Jo White
Kansas State University 
Marjorie Jensen
University of Rhode Island 
Christine Cook
Iowa State University 
September 1992 
Prepared with the assistance of the 
Kansas Center for Rural Initiatives
and Distributed by the
American Association of Housing Educators 



Community Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning Process  

Figure 1. Potential Housing Needs Assessment and Strategy Uses 
Figure 2. Steps in the CHNAS Process 
Step One: Initiating the Process  
Figure 3. How to Establish the Problem 
Figure 4. Suggested Housing Task Force Membership 
Step Two: Identifying the Problem  
Figure 5. Identifying Local Housing Problems--Questions to Answer 
Step Three: Developing the Community Housing Profile  
Figure 6. Suggested Community Housing Profile Table of Contents 
Figure 7. The Community Housing Delivery System 
Step Four: Assessing Local Housing Needs  
Figure 8. Sample Housing Needs Assessment Table of Contents 
Figure 9. Housing Standards for Adequacy, Affordability & Availability 
Figure 10. Housing Affordability for Low/Moderate Income Residents 
Figure 11. A Regulatory Rating Sheet 
Figure 12. Housing Needs Assessment Windshield Survey Techniques 
Step Five: Setting Public Policy Goals and Objectives  
Figure 13. Sample Community Housing Goals and Objectives 
Step Six: Developing Community Housing Strategies and Action Plans  
Figure 14. Sample Local Strategies/National Affordable Housing Goals 
Figure 15. Strategies, Policies, and Actions that can Influence Housing Cost Components 
Step Seven: Implementing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Progress  
Figure 16. Needs, Goals, and Strategies: A Fill-in-the-Blank Model 
References/Suggested Reading List  


Appendix A. Community Housing Profile Information/Data Types, Applications, and Sources  

Appendix B. Blank Tables to Accompany Community Housing Profile  

B-1. Net Residential Gains in City 
B-2. New-Housing Construction Costs 
B-3. Random Sample of Land Costs for Vacant Residential Land 
Appendix C. Sample Rental Housing Market Survey Questions  
C-1. City Rental Housing Cost Survey Results 
Appendix D. Housing Needs Assessment Sample Survey Questions  

Appendix E. AAHE Members Available to Assist with Community Housing Plans  

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