2016 Quick Facts

ISU Extension and Outreach staff working in their communities

Last year more than 1 million people directly benefited from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs. We’re building a strong Iowa.


For example:

  • Our Beginning Farmer Center connects retiring farmers and land owners with the next generation, women, veterans, and others who want to farm in Iowa.
  • Iowa families are learning to buy, eat, and live healthy with our nutrition education programs. They’re budgeting their food dollars, planning meals, and making wise food choices.
  • Our indicators portal provides one-stop access to reliable, current data including workforce, demographic, income, and housing statistics. We’re positioning our faculty and staff to be experts on all things Iowa and a better resource for local decision-makers.
  • We’re leading a community alliance that supports elementary school students along the ISU 4U Promise pathway to college. We also provide after-school and summer programs for students and their families to help them aim for academic success.
  • When avian influenza was impacting Iowa’s poultry industry, we provided information and education to assist producers, workers, and their families, and address consumer concerns.
  • Our Juntos program brings together families, schools, and community partners to help Latino youth successfully complete high school. Parents gain skills to support their middle schoolers as they prepare for high school and explore opportunities for higher education.
  • We’re showing Iowa communities how to use art to build the local economy. Through music, theater, and works of art, communities can bring people together, boost tourism, and develop a unique culture and sense of place.
  • Our 4-H program provides opportunities for youth of color to use their culture, history, and traditions to explore healthy living, STEM, citizenship, leadership, communication, and the arts.
  • As decreasing commodity prices lead to lower net farm income and increased stress, we help producers examine their finances, evaluate alternatives, and make informed decisions as they plan for the future.
  • In our Mid Life & Beyond program, Iowans are examining how their communities can meet their needs as they age. They’re developing options for better quality of life, such as affordable housing, transportation, and recreation opportunities.
  • Our C6 BioFarm Game helps young people learn about agricultural production, bioenergy, sustainability, and related careers. The interactive online app is one way to increase agricultural literacy in the next generation.
  • In Perry we’re educating Latino grocery store owners -- helping them optimize store layout, overcome distribution challenges, and become certified to accept SNAP and WIC benefits. They are building skills in business management, produce storage, and marketing.
  • We help producers and agribusiness professionals understand their options in the 2014 Farm Bill. Their decisions about farm income support, risk management, and conservation will impact Iowa agriculture for years to come.
  • Through our early literacy programs, parents gain the skills and confidence to help their young children learn to read. When children understand basic reading and language concepts, they are more likely to succeed in school.
  • Iowa’s evolving grape and wine industry offers great economic potential for value-added agriculture and tourism. We educate producers, conduct research, and help develop job training programs to support Iowa wineries and commercial vineyards.
  • Middle schoolers enjoy our adventure-based leadership development programs because they learn by doing. As they make decisions, work in teams, and carry out community service projects, they gain skills to be effective leaders.
  • Farmers are implementing strategies to reduce nutrient loss and improve Iowa waterways. Extension specialists and researchers support them as they share best practices with their neighbors.
  • We provide ServSafe® food safety training to certify foodservice workers in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. When foodservice workers follow safe food handling procedures, Iowans are less likely to get foodborne illnesses.
  • Iowa AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach works with schools, nonprofits, and community organizations to provide positive youth development experiences. AmeriCorps members often work directly with youth and volunteers to develop mentoring programs and expand youth philanthropy and community service.

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ISU Extension and Outreach Quick Facts Chart

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January 2016