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Iowa State educates more Iowa students than any other university, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach educates more Iowans.

Extension and Outreach at Strawberry Point• Last year more than 1 million people directly benefited from our programs. That’s like taking Strawberry Point and multiplying by a thousand!

• Iowans improved their knowledge and skills in family life, nutrition and health, and family finance, through nearly 100,000 learning opportunities with us.

• We helped farmers and agribusiness professionals make informed decisions in their farming operations and businesses through more than 210,000 learning opportunities.

• Nearly 36,000 local leaders are making a difference in their communities, thanks to training from our community and economic development specialists.

• More Iowans are using ISU Extension and Outreach online educational materials and courses, with nearly 250,000 digital downloads and more than 2.5 million Web visitors last year.

• Our ISU Extension and Outreach Conference Planning and Management team welcomes thousands of young people from Iowa, across the country, and around the world to discover their adventure.

4-H youth with plants• We prepare Iowa’s future leaders through our 4-H youth development programs – and we reach about one in five Iowa school-age youth. Research shows that youth in 4-H are more likely to make healthy choices, become active citizens, and contribute to society.

• Last year more than 31,000 Iowa youth gained science, technology, engineering, and math skills. They’ll be ready for future careers thanks to hands-on, minds-on learning from Extension and Outreach, 4-H, and the North Central STEM Hub at Iowa State.

• We help Iowans understand their options for healthier living – from safely preserving fruits and vegetables to making smart choices about health insurance.

• Last year nearly 400 parents, caregivers, and youth gained skills by participating in our Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14.

• About 9,500 early child care and education professionals learned best practices  to promote early learning, literacy, science, math, and nutrition education through our programs so they can provide high quality care and instruction.

• More than 3,400 organizations, associations, businesses, and school districts partner with us to strengthen local 4-H programs.

• Our Beginning Farmer Center works with farmers who want to transition their farm business to the next generation and to new people who want to find their place in agriculture.

Rising Star internsRising Star Interns are addressing the issue of local foods in Iowa. This program is another way we are collaborating with ISU colleges to prepare Iowa State students for the workforce.

• We help Latino entrepreneurs start or improve their own businesses. We also educate Latino residents through leadership development, New Iowan outreach, and health programs.

• Our students develop design concepts that evolve into a regional vision to strengthen local economies and revitalize rural downtowns. That’s one of the ways our Iowa Retail Initiative brings expertise to enhance local Main Streets.

• Our Community Design Lab and the ISU Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture are using agricultural urbanism tactics -- school gardens, farmers’ markets, and food hubs -- to promote local food systems.

• Farmers say on-farm advice from our extension field agronomists adds more than $500 per visit to their profitability.

county extension councilWant personal access?

• Call our 8 hotlines or visit our 100 ISU Extension and Outreach county offices across the state.

• Contact your county extension council; 900 locally elected council members serve Iowa.

• Join more than 16,000 volunteers who partner with us.


Iowa State University is your lifelong partner. We are everywhere for Iowans!


January 2015

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