Private Pesticide Certification

If you wish to recertify by Training (in O'Brien County) and not by exam, you must attend a CIC session each year, starting this winter. Remember, you always have the option of taking the exam to recertify.


If you miss one year of CIC programs, Iowa law requires you to retest when your certification expires. The exam is given by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS). Several testing dates near you are listed within this brochure.
If you score 70 percent or more and pay the $15 fee, you will be certified for 3 years.


To find out your current certification status, call the IDALS Pesticide Bureau at (515) 281-8591(515) 281-8591.


There is a $20 training fee for attending ISU Extension and Outreach educational CIC programs (including Private Continuing Instructional Courses). This fee partially replaces state support that was reallocated within the state government.

If you have questions on CIC programs, contact:

ISU Extension and Outreach O'Brien County Ph 712-957-5045712-957-5045


 Additional Resources:

ISU Extension and Outreach's Pesticide Safety Education Program web site gives general information, information on initial certification and recertification, and a frequently asked questions section to help explain the current regulations and requirements for private pesticide applicator certification.

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