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Northwest Iowa Extension
Crop and Pest Information
by Todd Vagts
ISU Extension Crops Specialist
Counties Served:  Carroll, Calhoun, Crawford, Ida, Monona, Pocahontas and Sac.


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Soybean Rust

Information Sources

ISU Extension Soybean Rust Info  (Dealer & Applicator and Successful Farming magazines and Greenbook)

Plant Health Initiative

Plant Management Network

Northcentral Plant Diagnostic Network


Track Rust Movement

Soybean Rust Forecast web    (North American Plant Disease Forecast Center's)

USDA Soybean Rust Tracking Page     (Follow where rust has been confirmed)

The Southern Plant Diagnostic Network  Monitor rust development in the S.E:

Manage and Control Soybean rust

Best spraying strategies to fight against Soybean Rust  Erdal Ozkan (PDF file)

Soybean Rust Fungicide Best Management Practices

Available Fungicides and Resistance Management

Efficacy Trials - Comparative ARS trials

Industry Registrant trials

Other informational sources
(Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)
Aerobiological Risk Analysis for soybean rust:
Hot Issues - Most recent news:
Detection and Management:

Also Good...
APSnet (American Phytopathology Society)

American Soybean Association

Good commentary on the Soybean Rust issue
Soybean rust has been found in the US, but will it survive? - Anne Dorrance, Ohio State
Asian Soybean Rust Confirmation in Lousiana Raises Concern of Potential Impact of this Disease in Illinois - Dean Malvick, University of Illinois
Asian soybean rust confirmed in the continental United States - Alison Robertson, Iowa State University
Managing the Soybean Rust Threat - Seth Naeve, University of Minnesota Soybean Agronomist

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Todd Vagts
Iowa State University Extension
Field Crops Specialist
1240 D. Heires Avenue 
Carroll, IA 51401 
Office: 712-792-2364; Cell: 712-249-6025;  Fax: 712-792-2366

For questions or comments please respond to

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