Note DetailWatch La Nina and Arkansas
2/7/2009 9:09:00 PM

Perry, IA asks: If we miss a drought this year,
will we have broken an 800 year record?
  Hello to Perry with Robins reported.  The record
is 23 years between major drought years.    Our
last major drought was1988  1988 + 23 between =
2012  (2010 would be the 23rd year, 2011 would be
23 years since a major drought, a drought in 2012
would leave 23 years between them (this is what the
record is: 23 good years between major drought
     The La Nina is still waffling.... we need to
keep close track on it.
     Also we begin watching Arkansas precipitation
starting the 15 of Feb  (if the next 45 days
average on the wet side there is an 80%+ chance our
planting season will be wet too, and vice-versa).

Iowa State University Extension