Note DetailHow long, La Nina?
12/18/2008 6:13:00 AM

"nsuff" asks: Wondering how long it (La Nina) will
last, or does anyone know?  I am tired of the
weather already. Miss the days you had a long
weather show on WOI.

Elwynn says: As of now the National Weather Service
folks say it will not likely last past Feb.  (that
is long enough for a winter a lot like the one we
had last year).   This does not mean serious
flooding as in the past spring (but it does include
the risk of that as well).  If it is gone by March
there would not be as much chance of extreme
weather as in the past spring (with its its record
tornadoes, and flooding).   -- Elwynn 18 Dec 2008 --

Iowa State University Extension