Note DetailVulnerable Crop
7/26/2008 12:13:00 PM

Reported crop conditions (corn and soybean
throughout the Corn Belt are generally more than
50% good to excellent.  Under continued favorable
weather conditions an above trend (150.6 BPA)
national yield may be anticipated.  Iowa crop
conditions are more than 60% good to excellent and
yields may likewise exceed the trend (166.7 BPA)
with continued mild weather.  The crops are however
extremely vulnerable should stressful conditions
develop.  Limited rooting makes the plants less
able to endure even slight heat stress and the wide
range of crop development causes concern about
frost before full maturity.  National Weather
Service outlooks slightly favor warmer than usual
conditions in the September and October time frame
and this gives some improvement to the chance of a
delayed killing frost in the fall.  Because of the
vulnerability of the crop the planned yield must be
considered to be most likely below the trend.  I
consider 148BPA national yield to be the most
likely, and that Iowa corn yield will be below the
state trend.    Elwynn

Iowa State University Extension