Note DetailCan the Corn recover?
7/1/2008 12:38:00 PM

Bob asks: Do I remember correctly that June weather
has a major impact on ear size?   If so, can ideal
weather the rest of the summer offset some of the
June stresses as they relate to ear size?

Bob, If we have a16 row hybrid ear that was
stressed at the 4-leaf stage it may turn out as a
14 or 12 row ear.   There is some offset in that
ideal conditions from 8 leaf to 14 leaf (or to
tassel if that comes first) can produce a longer
potential ear and good weather from silking to
dough can realize the longer row potential.  I do
not have data to give a number to what happened to
row number at the 4-leaf.stage this year.
      I will not update my 148 BPA US yield until
the 15th of July (That is the next significant
time for the crop).
 -- Elwynn --

Iowa State University Extension