Note DetailEnd of La Nina, End of Cold and Wet
6/4/2008 8:48:00 PM

End of La Nina, End of Cold and Wet
The two especially troublesome components of the
winter and spring weather in the Corn Belt this
year appear to be coming to an end.  Although the
END is not clearly in sight for the La Nina or for
the cold-wet conditions, both are moving in the
direction of ending.   The measure of atmospheric
pressure associated with La Nina (SOI) is now below
the level qualifying as La Nina and the odds of a
severe drought have begun to diminish.  Indicators
for unfavorable crop weather that remain are
statistical.  As of today the most likely national
corn yield for 2008 is 148 BPA (up from 142 BPA).
The rain pattern that has soaked the Corn Belt
shows continued migration northward and will be
positioned in northern Minnesota by June 21st if
the trend is maintained.     – Elwynn --

Iowa State University Extension