Note DetailWhere Do I Get Weather Information?
5/19/2008 6:05:00 PM

Forecast for your ZIP:    Click
the general location of interest on the map.  Now
click your “exact” location (if you miss it a bit
you get a chance to put in your ZIP
   This gives your 7-day forecast.  Note that you
can check the time the wind shifts, the rain
starts, etc. at the lower right part of the page by
clicking “Hourly Weather Graph.”

Weather Records
What was the Wind and the High and Low temperature
over the past few days?  Stay on the same page as
the maps were you found your location.  Note that
the column of terms on the left include “Climate”
and “Local.” Under “Local” you will get some
choices; The first choice will give you yesterday’s
information for the city you select.   Also you may
choose “Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6)” to get
daily records for the past months.
Data can also be obtained for the Agronomy farms
that have weather stations from:   Choose the ISU
AgClimate network.  For 20 minute or even minute by
minute data of wind direction and speed as well as
temperature and other data see the ASOS and AWOS
network on the Mesonet page.    -- Elwynn

Iowa State University Extension