Note DetailSome Favorable Indications
4/28/2008 3:28:00 PM

Excessive April rain and existing high soil
moisture levels have resulted in local flooding and
extensive crop planting concerns.  Corn Belt
temperatures are expected to average normal to
cooler than usual through mid-May and precipitation
may exceed the norm.  However the general weather
pattern appears to be progressing toward seasonable
conditions that are expected to dominate the month
of May.  The storm track appears to be positioning
to shift to the North and likely result in
diminished rain in the central Corn Belt.  The
January-April weather has been typical of a La Nina
season in most of the United States.  La Nina
carries the risk of a late spring change from cold
and moist to hot and dry.  The La Nina event
appears to have passed its peak and recent warming
of sea surface temperatures near the equator off
the western equatorial coast of South America and
diminished Trade Winds in the area are likely to
hasten the return to neutral conditions.
     -  Elwynn -

Iowa State University Extension