Note DetailSeasonal Weather Hints only
4/7/2008 7:23:00 AM

  The abrupt drop in the 90-day SOI since March
13th is a indication that the La Nina has peaked,
however it is not a strong indication.  The 
3-week period after the first day of spring is a
time of great change in weather patterns as the
cooling of winter fully shifts into the heating of
summer.  It is not yet clear what the summer
pattern shall be.  A new NOAA outlook for ENSO is
due and will likely say that a moderate to weak 
La Nina will likely dominate the summer.  The
Bermuda high pressure area seems to be in place. 
It appears that the sea surface temperature to the
north of Hawaii will be on the warm side of usual
this Summer and likely result in a summer that is
less moist than last year's for Colorado and the
region Colorado weather impacts (eastward to NE,
 KS, OK, and occasionally western IA and MO). Even
considering the Bermuda High and the higher than
usual subsoil moisture the weather indicators point
to season with yield reducing summer conditions.
     - Elwynn -

Iowa State University Extension