Note DetailLa Nina Watch
3/5/2008 8:45:00 AM

An area of warm sea surface temperature has formed
off the Peru coast.  Watch this to possibly “kill”
La Nina.  By 3/3/08 the water N of Australia was
cooling and W of Peru warming.. Two signs of a
La Nina about to fade (and with it the risk of
serious Midwest drought diminishes somewhat).  
Also the slight cooling N and E of Hawaii is a step
toward a good season for the High Plains.  The
Trade Winds on March 3rd remained stronger than
usual near the “date line,” but have diminished to
below normal off the coast of S. America (110W)
…this is may be a step toward a shift to El Nino. 
Weather conditions in the U.S. continue to be
approximately typical of La Nina and the 
SOI (90-day) at 1.58 appears to have passed its
peak intensity.  It is too early to say that the
risk of widespread drought is reduced because of a
diminished La Nina event. 
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               -- Elwynn --

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