Master Equine Manager Course Offered Online

AMES, Iowa -- -Horse owners and enthusiasts now have an online option for learning horse management. The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Master Equine Manager Program is a comprehensive educational experience that teaches the science of horse management along with riding and training concepts.

Master Equine Manager was introduced by ISU Extension and Outreach in 2004 as a face-to-face program. The online option was introduced Feb. 1 and expands access to the popular course. The Master Equine Manager online course covers horse welfare, nutrition, health and selection. Complete details of the online course are posted at

“Making a comprehensive Web-based educational series that addresses the science of horse management enhances Iowa’s broad-based horse industry,” said Dale Miller, Master Equine Manager program state coordinator. “Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is responding to the educational needs of horse owners and enthusiasts in Iowa and beyond.”

Iowans began enrolling in the course when it became available earlier this month, as did people from the neighboring states of Nebraska, Minnesota and Illinois. Horse owners from Connecticut and Virginia also have expressed excitement at the opportunity to learn and receive their Master Equine Manager Certificate upon program completion.

“The new Master Equine Manager Program informs and educates people on quality horse care and responsible horse ownership,” said Peggy Miller-Auwerda, ISU Extension and Outreach horse specialist. “After completing the online self-study modules and hands-on evaluation/training, participants will receive their Master Equine Manager certification.”

Miller-Auwerda said horse owners, enthusiasts, boarding facility managers and industry employees also benefit from increased knowledge and networking with others in the horse industry. The learning modules and topics include:

  • Welfare of Horses: understanding horse behavior, facilities and equipment, equine quality assurance
  • Horse Nutrition: forages for horses, feeds and feeding
  • Horse Health: equine emergency treatment, vaccinations for horses, understanding horse parasites and hoof care
  • Selection of Horses: conformation and evaluation, unsoundness and blemishes

Course registration is open to junior and senior high school students and adults with an interest in horses. Registrations can be made at  Program fee is $250 for high school students and $325 for all others.

Graduates of the program will become certified Master Equine Managers and are encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with others. Continuing education units are available upon request.

For more information, visit, contact Peggy M. Auwerda at or 515-294-5260, or contact Dale Miller at or 641-842-2014.