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Agriculture and Natural Resources News from ISU Extension

Date 2005

News Releases

April 28

Improving the Tenderness in Beef

April 19

Animal Agriculture and Air Quality Web Page Offers Resources

April 16

Soil Management and Land Value Conference May 18 [Use before May 18]

April 14

Iowa Community Tree Steward Program Offered in Northwest Iowa [Use by April 30]

April 14

Iowa Community Tree Steward Program Offered in South Central Iowa [Use by April 30]

April 13

NatureMapping Workshop Offered in Marshall County [Use by April 23]

April 13

Media Advisory - May Beef Month 2005: Stories and Resources Available From the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University [Use by May 31]

April 11

Animal Agriculture and the Environment Symposium Date Announced

April 7

Animal Agriculture and the Environment Symposium Date Announced

April 1

Central Iowa Beef Producer Shares Tips for Grazing Standing Corn

March 31

Transitioning to Organic Workshop to be Held April 16 in Kalona

March 25

Beef Age and Source Verification Forms Now Available Online

March 16

EPA Air Emissions Consent Agreement: Should Iowa Pork Producers Participate? [Use by March 29]

March 14

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Announces New Web Site Design and Content

March 14

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Assists Producers Applying for USDA Grants

March 8

Iowa Learning Farm Project Announced

March 8

Phosphorus Index to be Discussed

March 8

Higher Fuel Prices Push Up Farm Custom Rates

March 3

MEDIA ADVISORY - Iowa Learning Farm Project to be Announced [Use by March 8]

March 2

Iowa State University Introduces Horse Nutrition Software

March 2

NatureMapping Workshop Offered for Ida and Sioux County Residents [Use by March 12]

Feb. 24

Environmental Agriculture Stewardship Program Offered [Use by April 5]

Feb. 22

Program to Address Asian Soybean Rust Questions [Use by March 11]

Feb. 18

Southeast Iowa Wind Energy Conference to be Held March 2 [Use by March 2]

Feb. 16

Agriculture and the Environment Conference to be Held March 8-9 [Use by March 9]

Feb. 15

Regional Pork Conferences Enter Fifth Year of Partnership [Use by Feb. 21]

Feb. 4

Certification Program Offered for Dry Manure Applicators [Use by Feb. 25]

Feb. 4

Alternative Technology Modeling for Feedlot Runoff Control Seminar [Use by March 7]

Feb. 3

New Format Offered at the Annual Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference [Use by Feb. 26]

Feb. 3

Beef Winter Feeding Alternatives to Hay [Use by March 2]

Feb. 3

NatureMapping Workshop Offered in Lucas County [Use by Feb. 12]

Feb. 3

Pork Regional Conferences Focus on Grow-Finish Management [Use by Feb. 22]

Jan. 31 ISU Extension Offers RUSLE2 and P Index Workshops [Use by Feb. 23]
Jan. 25 Iowa Pork Industry Center Seeks Participants for Swine Welfare Assessor Training Program [Use by Feb. 3]
Jan. 24 ISU Extension Offers Field Crop Scout Course
Jan. 19 Updated Beef Ration Software Now Available
Jan. 18 Estrus Synchronization Program Offered for Beef Producers [Use by Jan. 27]
Jan. 18 2005 Flax Production Opportunities Highlighted [Use by Feb. 4] (Correction added Jan. 19)
Jan. 13 Iowa Community Tree Steward Program Offered Around Iowa
Jan. 12 New Ag Engineer Bring Environmental Expertise to Iowa Producers
Jan. 12 Tools for Battling Weeds in 2005
Jan. 11 Annual Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference Features Expanded Program and New Venue
Jan. 7

ISU Offers Comprehensive Educational Program for Horse Enthusiasts



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