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Crop damage from severe weather: Information for producers

This Web site contains information for corn and soybean producers who have had crops damaged by severe weather or who have experienced other crop stand loss problems. This information has been prepared and used by field and campus-based Iowa State University Extension agronomists.

- Flood damage
- Hail damage
- Wind damage


Flood damage

* Nitrogen management on wet/flooded soils (articles from ISU's Integrated Crop Management newsletter)
-- Nitrogen losses in 2001
-- What about N losses (2000)
-- Estimating nitrogen losses (1999)

Hail damage

-- Evaluating hail-damaged corn (East Central Iowa)

-- Northwest Iowa crop update: Hail damage assessment to corn

-- Assessing Hail Damage to Corn, NCH 1*

-- Corn Planting Guide, Pm 1885*

-- Assessing hail injury to soybeans in early June* (by John Holmes, ISUExtension field specialist)

-- Evaluating hail-damaged soybean (East Central Iowa)

-- Northwest Iowa crop update: Hail damage assessment to soybean

-- Soybean Replant Decisions, PM 1851*

-- Soybean Yield Loss Due to Hail Damage (from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Wind damage

Forage use options for wind-damaged, immature corn (by Steve Barnhart, ISU Extension agronomist-forages)
-- Greep snap opinions vary (Integrated Crop Management newsletter, 713//98)

Related information

-- ISU Extension's flood cleanup information

-- Herbicide replant section of WC-92 *



soybean field, USDA photo
Soybean field, USDA photo