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Sep. 1 Consider Microclimates When Matching Plants to the Site (Garden Column)
Sep. 5 Joy: A Father's Pride, America's Vision (Reiman's Pick)
Sep. 5 Ouart Appointed Associate Vice Provost for Education
Sep. 5 4-H Offers Training in First Aid for Remote or Wilderness Areas
Sep. 8 Slime Flux (Garden Column)
Sep. 10 Media Tips for 2003 National 4-H Week October 5-11 [Use by Oct. 4]
Sep. 11 Cardinal Flower Sets the Shade Garden on Fire with Color (Reiman's Pick)
Sep. 12 Soil Carbon Sequestration Could Pay for Farmers
Sep. 15 Seven Flowering Perennials for September (Garden Column)
Sep. 15 Corn and Soybean Quality Affected by Late Season Drought
Sep. 18 Store It, Don't Ignore It, Advises Food Safety Expert
Sep. 19 Orchids Make Great Houseplants (Reiman's Pick)
Sep. 22 Falling Into Mildew (Garden Column)
Sep. 22 There's Still Time to be Certified to Apply Manure this Fall [Use by Dec. 31]
Sep. 22 NatureMapping Workshop Offered in Dubuque County [Use by Oct. 4]
Sep. 25 Lady's Slipper Orchids Are Memorable Beauties (Reiman's Pick)
Sep. 26 Research Project Examines Corn Pollen Drift [Use by Oct. 3]
Sep. 29 Iowa's Oaks (Garden Column)

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