October 2000 News from ISU Extension

Date 2000

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Oct. 2

Chores to Combat Disease (Garden Column)

Oct. 3

Central Region Woodland Stewardship Conference Scheduled

Oct. 4

Nebraska Pork Producers Learn Marketing Skills through Iowa Program

Oct. 5

Pay Attention to Water Management Issues

Oct. 9

Now Let Us Prey (Garden Column)

Oct. 9

Iowa Farm Outlook Web Site Beneficial During Harvest Time

Oct. 16

The Great Tree Debate (Garden Column)

Oct. 16

Polk County 4-H'ers Attend 4-H Week Signing Ceremony

Oct. 16

Property Tax Facts (Plain Economic Sense)

Oct. 17

Iowa 4-H Foundation Announces New Members, Executive Board

Oct. 17

AgriTalk Farm Policy College Tour to Stop at Iowa State University

Oct. 20

Pork Producers Invited to Artificial Insemination Conference

Oct. 23

Winter Protection for Roses (Garden Column)

Oct. 23

As Iowa Beef Producers Change, Tough Questions Arise

Oct. 25

German Veterinarian Learns About American Pork Production

Oct. 25

Attend the Mosquito/Public Health Pest Management CIC on Nov. 13

Oct. 27

Green Mountain Gardener Comes to Ames Nov. 11

Oct. 30

ISU Extension offers one-day Home Planning and Remodeling Workshops

Oct. 30

Tulip Survivors in the Spring-Flowering Garden (Garden Column)

Oct. 31

Iowa Forage Conference Addresses Management Issues

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