September 1999 News from ISU Extension

Date 1999

News Release

Sept. 1

New Publication on Reducing Pesticide Use

Sept. 7

Storage of Tender Perennial Bulbs, Tuberous Roots, Rhizomes and Corms (Garden Column)

Sept. 9

Program Sept. 15: GMO Grain Needs Special Handling During and After Harvest

Sept. 10

How Many Farms Are Left in the U.S. and Iowa?

Sept. 13

Clearing Up the Confusion over Chrysanthemums (Garden Column)

Sept. 13

ISU Value-added Agriculture on Display at the 1999 Farm Progress Show

Sept. 13

ISU Extension Displays Showcase Research from Entire University

Sept. 13

ISU Extension Hoop Building to Offer Educational Programs and Live Radio Broadcasts

Sept. 14

National 4-H Week Set For Oct. 3-9

Sept. 14

Carcass Results Given For 4-H State Fair Livestock Champions

Sept. 15

Iowa Beef Tenderness Project Entry Deadline Announced

Sept. 16

Farmers Say Running a Farm Business Is Becoming More Risky

Sept. 20

The Importance of and Prospects for Agricultural Trade (Plain Economic Sense Column)

Sept. 20

Harvesting and Storing Pumpkins and Winter Squash (Garden Column)

Sept. 20

Greenhouse And Ornamental Applicator CIC

Sept. 27

What's Wrong With Scotch Pines? (Garden Column)

Sept. 27

Farm Family Spending Reflects Economic Pressures

Sept. 27

What is the Farm Problem? (Plain Economic Sense Column)

Sept. 27

Pork Producers Invited to Oct. 5 ICN Program

Sept. 27

Community Food Security Liaison Named

Sept. 29

Year-round Grazing Reduces Winter Feed Costs

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