October 1998 News from ISU Extension

Date 1998

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Oct. 2

Grasshoppers Go Crazy in the Fall (Garden Column)

Oct. 5

Central Region Woodland Stewardship Conference to be Held

Oct. 8

Economic Advice for Producers from ISU Extension

Oct. 9

Autumnal Greetings from the Plant Guy (Garden Column)

Oct. 9

Ron Jones Named Extension Director for North Central Iowa

Oct. 9

Paul Brown Named Extension Director for Northeast Iowa

Oct. 9

October U.S., World Crop Estimates Tighten Soybean Supply-Demand Slightly

Oct. 12

The Iowa Supreme Court Decision on Rights to Farm (Plain Economic Sense)

Oct. 15

Kids and Food Safety

Oct. 16

Growing the Spectacular Amaryllis (Garden Column)

Oct. 19

Policy Alternatives after Iowa Supreme Court Decision on Right to Farm (Plain Economic Sense)

Oct. 26

What is Urban Sprawl and What Causes it? (Plain Economic Sense)

Oct. 26

What are the Concerns about Sprawl? (Plain Economic Sense)

Oct. 26

Winter Protection of Roses (Garden Column)

Oct. 27

Iowa 4-H Delegates to Attend Canadian 4-H Conference

Oct. 29

Make "Safe" Choices at Holiday Bazaars

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