2010 January News from ISU Extension

Date        News Releases

1/4/2010 - Next Money Talk Class for Women Begins in February

1/4/2010 - Journeys Online Course Designed for Relationship Educators, Counselors

1/4/2010 - ISU Extension Creates Leadership Academy for Public Agency Employees

1/5/2010 - Associate Dean Gerald Miller Tours Iraqi Agricultural Colleges

1/5/2010 - Wild Weight Loss Claims Don’t Work; Instead, Eat Less and Burn More Calories

1/5/2010 - Winter Perils for Trees and Shrubs

1/6/2010 - 2nd Annual 4-H Day at Cyclone Women’s Basketball Is Feb. 27

1/7/2010 - 4-H Is Creating More Options for Youth and Their Families

1/7/2010 - Business Continuity Plans Help Companies Handle Disasters

1/7/2010 - Consider 4-H for New Monsanto Grant Program

1/7/2010 - Partnering with Parents Course Available Online Jan. 19, Face-to-Face Feb. 23

1/8/2010 - Overall Women Conference Inspires and Connects Dairy Producer

1/8/2010 - I-29 Dairy Conference Sustains Dairy Families and Farms

1/8/2010 - Ask the ISU Extension Garden Experts: ZZ Plants, Butterfly Houses and Pine Wilt

1/11/2010 - New Blog Available from Ag Decision Maker

1/12/2010 - Extension Has Scheduled Winter Cow Series Meetings in 11 Locations

1/12/2010 - A Fond Farewell to the Yard and Garden Column

1/12/2010 - 4-H Supporters Are More Than Half-Way to Meeting Pioneer’s Match

1/13/2010 - New Publication Helps Farmers Examine Fuel Savings from Limiting Field Operations

1/13/2010 - IFVGA Annual Meeting Welcomes Beginning Farmers, Agritourism Interests

1/14/2010 - Ask the ISU Extension Garden Experts: Venus Flytrap, Botanical Insecticides and Seed Germination

1/14/2010 - Get Answers to Food Questions and More from ISU Extension Answer Line

1/14/2010 - Visit the Online Food Calculator to Examine Your Expenses

1/15/2010 - Love of Farming Beats Economic Factors in Decision to Farm, Survey Shows

1/15/2010 - Gala Plans to Raise Awareness, Support for Iowa’s 4-H’ers

1/15/2010 - Extension to Host Climate Change Policy Webcast

1/15/2010 - USDA Launches Program to Increase Construction of High Tunnels to Expand Growing Season

1/15/2010 - Dry Manure Applicator Certificate Workshops Offered by Extension

1/19/2010 - Annual Forest Stewardship Conference Is March 13

1/19/2010 - ACT II Drama Stars Bring New Stage to 4-H

1/21/2010 - ISU Extension Offers Crop Scout School

1/21/2010 - ISU Extension Offers Soil Fertility Short Course

1/21/2010 - Ask the ISU Extension Garden Experts: Onions, Cold Frames, Lenten Roses and Primroses

1/22/2010 - Franz Named Associate Dean for Extension in College of Human Sciences

1/25/2010 - Farm Anaerobic Digestion Will Be Topic of Extension February Event

1/25/2010 - ISU Extension's Crop Advantage Meeting in Carroll Canceled

1/26/2010 - Combined Courses Begin Feb. 13 -- Family Development Certification Training and Partnering with Parents

1/26/2010 - Beginning Farmers Conference Looks to the Future Feb. 6

1/27/2010 - Holz-Clause Named Associate Vice President for ISU Extension and Outreach

1/27/2010 - Terry Tobin: Multiple Roles and Multiple Success through 4-H

1/28/2010 - Ask the ISU Extension Garden Experts: Cold Hardiness, Pears and Deer Damage

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