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Grow Green Know How and When

ISU Extension garden calendar


AMES, Iowa --Iowa State University Extension now has available a horticulture tool that can help any gardener be more earth-friendly. It is easy to operate. Simply hang on the wall and watch it – the Growing Green 2010 garden calendar, PM 815.

While lovely garden photography draws the eye to the Growing Green 2010 garden calendar, it is the weekly tips, instructional information and journaling space that will help gardeners build greener gardening habits.

“Being good stewards of our own gardens can involve a variety of activities,” said Cynthia Haynes, ISU Extension horticulture specialist and calendar photo and tips contributor. “Each month of this calendar provides a few simple tips on how to keep you and your indoor and outdoor gardens growing green. And there is a bonus – additional information about composting, rain collection, beekeeping and growing houseplants.”

The calendar is one tool that will remind you when to prune, sow, mulch and cut back plants. It also serves as a handy catalog of horticulture publications, organizations and county extension office phone numbers. “There is so much information included with the calendar that we consider it an educational publication,” said Haynes. “And there is still space on each day to journal personal activities. The size of a magazine, it can serve as a valuable resource long after December 2010.”

This 12-month full-color calendar is available from the ISU Extension county offices or can be ordered from the ISU Extension online store at www.extension.iastate.edu/store/ or (515)294-5247, while supply lasts. Cost is $6 plus shipping and handling.


Contacts :

Cynthia Haynes, Horticulture, (515) 294-4006, chaynes@iastate.edu

Richard Jauron, Horticulture, (515) 294-1871, rjauron@iastate.edu

Willy Klein, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515)294-0662, wklein@iastate.edu


High resolution photo of the 2010 garden calendar cover