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Give the Gift of Grain to Benefit Iowa 4-H

Note to media editors: This is a revised version of an earlier release, updating the process for selling grain through the Iowa 4-H Foundation.


AMES, Iowa – Crop producers who want to support Iowa 4-H Youth Development have another option besides writing a check or donating cash. They can give the gift of grain.

Giving grain is a viable option for donating to the 4-H program through the Iowa 4-H Foundation, said Albert Grunenwald, the foundation’s associate director.

Self-employed farmers who donate grain to the Iowa 4-H Foundation not only benefit youth across the state, but also reduce their self-employment tax and increase their income tax savings, Grunenwald explained.

“Giving grain can save farmers as much as 49 percent of the donation amount. For example, a grain donation worth $1,000 could save farmers an extra $490 because they gave grain in place of cash,” he said.

For specific instructions on how to donate grain to support 4-H, contact Grunenwald at (515) 294-4780 or abgrunen@iastate.edu.

“In light of budget cuts to the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program, it has been crucial to identify new ways to raise money,” added Bill Tomlinson, incoming board president of the Iowa 4-H Foundation and production director for Pioneer. “Giving the gift of grain is one way we are reaching out to individuals and counties to support 4-H in ways we haven’t seen in the past.”

The grain must be placed in the Iowa 4-H Foundation’s name to be sold by the Iowa 4-H Foundation, Grunenwald stressed. Farmers may take the grain to their local elevator, co-op or grain merchant, where a warehouse receipt showing the Iowa 4-H Foundation as the owner of the grain should be created. Then, farmers may notify the 4-H Foundation that the grain is available to sell.

By giving the gift of grain, individuals are supporting Iowa youth as they learn leadership, citizenship, communication and life-skills within 4-H. In Iowa the 4-H program is headquartered on the ISU campus in Ames and offered in every county through the local ISU Extension office. For more information about joining 4-H, contact your Iowa State University Extension county office at www.extension.iastate.edu/content/county-offices/ or visit www.extension.iastate.edu/4H.


Contacts :
Albert Grunenwald, Iowa 4-H Foundation Associate Director, (515) 294-4780, abgrunen@iastate.edu
Laura Sternweis, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515) 294-0775, lsternwe@iastate.edu