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Prepare Food for Super Bowl Party for Less than $20


AMES, Iowa -- Only a few days until kick-off and if your Super Bowl party isn’t planned yet, Iowa State University Extension has a Super Bowl menu for less than $20 that should create the right atmosphere for watching the big game and new commercials. The menu includes everything from snacks to soup and dessert!

Peggy Martin, ISU Extension nutrition program coordinator, posted her Super Bowl challenge on the Spend Smart Eat Smart website at www.extension.iastate.edu/foodsavings/ . She titles her entry, “Host a Super Bowl party for 12 for under $20.”

“Last week I challenged myself to come up with a Super Bowl party menu for 12 people that would cost $20 or less (not counting alcohol),” said Martin in her blog entry.  “I wanted a menu that I could serve to my friends, and one that didn’t take my whole Sunday to prepare. I did it!”

Martin’s menu includes seasoned popcorn, chili, fresh vegetables, frosted brownies, and a drink mix. She shares the recipes and preparation tips for her menu and offers an easy to print format from her blog entry. Blog visitors are offering alterations to her basic menu, so the possibilities are expanding daily!

The pre-game momentum is building at Martin’s house – but she doesn’t reveal her favorite team – or maybe she is just watching the commercials between chili, brownies and seasoned popcorn.


Contacts :

Peggy Martin , Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program, (515) 294-1511, peggym@iastate.edu

Willy Klein, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515) 294-0662, wklein@iastate.edu