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Extension Quiz Tests Knowledge of Horses and Horse Care

Master Equine Manager Quiz CD


KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- About how many gallons of water will a horse drink per day? How many nails are usually put in a homemade horseshoe? How many pairs of ribs does a horse have? Horse enthusiasts of all ages can try their luck at answering questions like these when they take on the Master Equine Manager Quiz CD.

“You don’t have to ask Alex Trebek for Horse Anatomy for $200, and you don’t have to buy a vowel. But you will have fun testing your knowledge of horses and horse care,” said Dale Miller, Iowa State University Extension education director for Marion County and state coordinator of ISU Extension’s Master Equine Manager program.

ISU Extension developed the new interactive quiz for the Master Equine Manager training program. The CD (SP 335) is available for $9 from ISU Extension’s Online Store, https://www.extension.iastate.edu/store/. The quiz runs on both PC and Mac with Flash Player.

The Master Equine Manager Quiz CD is a great practice tool for youth quiz bowl and hippology teams, though it is designed for both youth and adults, Miller said. The quiz features beginning, intermediate and advanced level questions. Topics include anatomy, breeds, conformation, foot care, health, housing, movement, nutrition, parasites, reproduction, tack and transportation.

“As you play the game you select from multiple choice answers for each question. The potential answers to each question have point values based on a sliding scale from five points for the least complete answer to 20 points for the most correct answer. As you rack up points, the quiz computes your running total and you finish with your final score and a virtual purple, blue or red ribbon,” Miller said.

“There’s no Double Jeopardy, but there is a bonus round,” Miller added, “so you might want to brush up on your equine trivia knowledge of Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger, among other things.”

ISU Extension’s Master Equine Manager program is a comprehensive educational experience that teaches the science of horse management along with riding and training concepts. For more information see www.extension.iastate.edu/MasterEquine/.


Contacts :
Dale Miller, Iowa State University Extension - Marion County, (641) 842-2014, dmill@iastate.edu

Laura Sternweis, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515) 294-0775, lsternwe@iastate.edu


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