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Tornado Damage in Butler County Extensive, Extension Director Says


AMES, Iowa -- The destructive force of the tornado that hit Parkersburg and other parts of northeast Iowa is almost unimaginable, says Pat Derdzinski, Iowa State University Extension education director for Butler County.

Derdzinski calculates that Butler County alone has about a 30-square-mile area of debris, ranging from normal household items to 2 by 4s, telephone poles and trusses.

“You name it, it was there,” he said.

Derdzinski and ISU Extension colleagues toured rural areas in the days following the tornado to assess damage to crops, livestock, farm buildings and homes. They also made sure that information on food safety was available for people who had lost electricity.

Listen to an interview with Derdzinski (time 12:15).


Contacts :

Patrick Derdzinski, Butler County Extension Education Director, (319) 267-2707, derd@iastate.edu

Douglas Cooper, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515) 294-6275, levachek@iastate.edu