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Lots of Mosquitoes this Year? Maybe, ISU Extension Entomologist Says

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AMES, Iowa -- Will Iowa be home to a lot of floodwater mosquitoes this year, thanks to widespread flooding in the state? Maybe, says Ken Holscher, Iowa State University Extension entomologist.

However, floodwater isn’t the type of water that usually produces floodwater mosquitoes in high numbers, Holscher noted. Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs around low-lying areas that fill with water following a rain year in and year out. And usually, “a week after we have a rain we have a new batch of mosquitoes,” Holscher said.

But many of the areas with standing water from flooding didn’t have standing water before, and thus, didn’t have many mosquito eggs.

Holscher says the rainfall patterns in coming weeks may have a greater effect on Iowa’s mosquito population.

Listen to an interview with Holscher.


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