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ISU Extension Audio: Impacts of 2008 Floods

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University Extension specialists discuss impacts of the 2008 floods: economic impacts, corn production, crop disease, crop insurance and lawn, landscape and garden concerns. Listen to the audio interviews linked below.

David Swenson on economic impact -- Swenson, a scientist in the Department of Economics, discusses the potential economic impact the floods will have on communities, farmers and Iowa. Download the audio. (Time 13:34)

Roger Elmore on corn situation -- Elmore, an ISU Extension corn agronomist, updates the current situation for corn producers and examines the issue of whether to replant corn or switch to another crop. Download the audio. (Time 14:04)

Alison Robertson on crop disease -- Robertson, an ISU Extension plant pathologist, discusses the potential for crop disease now and in the future for corn and soybeans. Download the audio. (Time 8:19)

William Edwards on crop insurance -- Edwards, an ISU Extension economist, says crop insurance may be an option for some farmers. He explains the difference between preventative planting and replanting options. Download the audio. (Time 11:55)

Cindy Haynes on lawn, landscape and garden concerns -- Haynes, an ISU Extension horticulturist, says saturated soil is causing concern for lawns, landscapes and gardens. Download the audio. (Time 4:10)


Contacts :

David Swenson, Economics, (515) 294-7458, dswenson@iastate.edu

Roger Elmore, Agronomy, (515) 294-6655, relmore@iastate.edu

Alison Robertson, Plant Pathology, (515) 294-6708, alisonr@iastate.edu

William Edwards, Economics, (515) 294-6161, wedwards@iastate.edu

Cynthia Haynes, Horticulture, (515) 294-4006, chaynes@iastate.edu

Douglas Cooper, Extension Communications and External Relations, (515) 294-6275, levachek@iastate.edu