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June 14, 2008 Iowa State University Extension Flooding Media Advisory


AMES, Iowa -- More Iowa State University (ISU) Extension research-based resources have been added to the ISU Extension Disaster Recovery web site and the Integrated Crop Management News site since the last advisory issued on June 12. (/news/2008/jun/071201.htm/news/2008/jun/071201.htm)

Elwynn Taylor, ISU Extension climatologist, has written an article, The Nation’s Wet Spot , and produced a presentation, Floods: 2008, explaining the climate changes that have brought floodwaters to Iowa and Midwest this year, the forecast for the rest of this crop season and  impact the recent weather is expect to have on 2008 Iowa crop yields.

Additional Eastern Iowa Emergency Crop Meeting Scheduled

6/14/2008 - This meeting will be held June 20 in Cedar County.


Corn Size Restriction for POST Herbicides

6/14/2008 - Weeds have continued to grow thus making the application of POST herbicides imperative despite the slow development of the corn crop.


Hayfield Lodging – Management Concerns and Guidelines

6/13/2008 - Just because hay lodges, does not mean that it will smother itself.


Three Emergency Crop Meetings Planned for North Central Iowa

6/13/2008 - The meetings will be held on June 16 and 17 in Wright, Hamilton and Story counties.


Emergency Crop Meeting Planned for South Central Iowa

6/13/2008 - The Crop Replant, Dealyed and Prevented Planting Provisions meeting will be held in Greenfield on June 16.


Eastern Iowa Emergency Crop Programs Offered

6/13/2008 - The meetings will be held June 18 at the Linn and Washington ISU Extension County offices.


Measuring the Nitrogen Status

6/12/2008 - This year the corn growth is behind, and with the wet soils some fields will be sampled later than normal. Late sampling may complicate test interpretation.


Livestock and Farm Buildings After a Flood

6/13/2008 - Once the water recedes after a flood there are many things that need to be dealt with before putting a farm building back in service.


Managing Manure Storage Structures During Wet Weather

6/12/2008 - Crop producers with livestock are urged to ask for help if their lagoons are near the overflow level.

Using Flood-Damaged Grain

If Iowans need to talk one-on-one with someone about their situation they can contact the ISU Extension Iowa Concern Hotline (www.extension.iastate.edu/iowaconcern/) by calling (800) 447-1985. Callers can talk with stress counselors, seek legal education or ask for a referral to appropriate resources that may address their particular situation.



Contacts :

Jean McGuire , Extension Communications and Marketing, (515) 294-7033, jmcguire@iastate.edu

I will be checking phone and e-mail messages regularly through the June14-15 weekend, and will respond to messages from media and ISU Extension staff.