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ISU Experts Offer Advice for Iowa Farmers Facing Floods


AMES, Iowa –  With more rain and severe weather forecast for Iowa during the first week of June, farmers across the state are facing continued planting delays and threats of more crop damage.


Some parts of the state there are still areas yet to be planted for the first time and farmers in other areas are looking at having to replant.


Iowa State University (ISU) Extension crop experts are offering timely advice for corn and soybean producers through the Integrated Crop Management (ICM) news site (www.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews).  In past few days they have offered

  • Information on the effect of flooding on young corn and soybean plants
  • Advice on how late soybeans can be planted in Iowa
  • Ideas on what to consider when making replant decisions for flooded or hail damaged soybeans
  • Removing existing corn stands if corn must be replanted
  • Considerations if replanting corn fields with soybeans
  • Information on how to remove existing corn stands in fields that must be replanted.


“The new Web-based format for the ICM news site has allowed us to respond much more quickly when weather affects Iowa crops, said Gerald Miller, associate dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,  and  director, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension.


In the next several days, ISU Extension crop specialists will publish articles on the ICM News site that address

  • the difference in nitrogen loss in flooded no-till fields versus tilled fields
  • Fungicide seed treatment considerations when replanting
  • Disease issues that may develop as a result of saturated and flooded cropland.


In addition, crop producers will find an updated weather forecast from Elwynn Taylor, ISU Extension climatologist and a link to an article and worksheet by William Edwards, ISU Extension economist, that examines the economics of delayed and prevented planting of crops.



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