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Student Adventures Illustrated at FPS


AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences student recruitment team will be at the Farm Progress Show near Boone Aug. 26-28 to showcase the adventures available for students within the college.

Students visiting the display first answer the question “What are you interested in?” Interest areas in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences include plant life, food and human health, machinery and technology, animal life and the environment. More interest areas are business and policy, life science and the bioeconomy.

Within each of these interest areas, the College offers a range of majors to allow students to study topics they are passionate about. Each student experience is different depending on the student’s interests, the major and the programs and opportunities offered in the major.

The on-campus and international opportunities available to students within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are limitless. “Once an interest area has been selected, students can focus on what they would like to do and where they would like to go,” said Andy Zehr, program coordinator for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

If a student is interested in plant life, there are a variety of adventures they can expect depending on the major they choose. One example is of horticulture student, Joe Bowser, who did an internship at Wimbledon. Bowser’s responsibilities included maintaining the tennis courts, croquet lawn and ornamental lawns before, during and after the tournament.

Another adventure of an agriculture studies student is managing 1,400 acres of cropland on the only completely student managed farm at a land grant university.

The College also has an on-campus internship program called Science With Practice (SWP).  In this program, students get paid, while earning classroom credits, working as an intern on a research project with faculty. An agriculture and biosystems engineering student, Laura Pepple, did an SWP project to help create a low-cost agriculture waste monitoring system. Students have completed SWP projects in almost every emphasis area.

“The opportunities available for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences translate into a high demand for the college’s graduates from employers,” said Zehr.  “Employers find these experiences valuable and is something they look at when hiring.”

The College leads the University with a 98 percent job placement rate. Also, the agriculture career fair hosted by the College is the largest in the nation. Last year demand was so high the College held a second career fair in the spring because there was not enough space for all the employers in the fall.


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